Enjoy the new LG G6


Features of LG G6:

  • FullVision display
  • wide angle camera
  • water & dust resistance.

The LG G6 could not have come at a better time. Launching its spec-packed, metal-and-glass G6 at the world’s largest mobile show (Mobile World Congress) gives LG a rare opportunity to prove itself after that lukewarm reception of last year’s modular-like G5, without the fear of being overshadowed by its biggest competitor, Samsung. (Samsung had to push back the launch of its Galaxy S8 flagship while dealing with fallout from its exploding Galaxy Note 7 fiasco.)
And that’s great. When it comes to the G6, we like what we’ve seen so far. Gone is that funky modular body (but also the removable battery). In its place are a slim design that’s 80 percent screen and a water-resistant build. It’s a safer play for LG, which will have to battle the Galaxy S8, Google Pixel phones and OnePlus 3T and others.

It’s virtually bezel-less. The 5.7-inch screen takes up roughly 80 percent of the phone, leaving thin margins all around. I like that the screen curves smoothly into the edges; it’s more comfortable for swiping and feels slightly luxurious.

At 565 pixels per inch, the screen is super-sharp, and it takes on an 18:9 aspect ratio (aka: 2:1). This is unique considering most phones are 16:9. While it won’t change your life dramatically, that ratio allows some movies to make full use of that display. (For example, I saw a few minutes of “Daredevil” on Netflix on the G6, and the movie filled the screen, without generating letterboxes, those black bars that appear on the sides).
It’s rated IP68, which means you can dunk it in up to a meter of water (about 3 feet) for up to 30 minutes. For the everyday user though, it just means the G6 won’t crap out after you accidentally drop it in the pool or spill coffee on it.

One of my favorite things about the camera is a new interface that shows you five of your most recent photos, like a gallery stream. LG added a separate camera app too called Square Camera. Aimed at hardcore Instagram users, it offers a number of different tools to take neat square photos.

Aside from the Google Pixel phones, the G6 is the only other handset so far to feature Google’s signature AI, Assistant, natively. Assistant uses Google’s vast search database and voice recognition. You can chat with it and look up things like random facts, the news and nearby places. If you have smart-home devices, you can use Assistant on your phone to control the lights in your home or set the thermostat.

Watch the video to know more about LG G6 directly:

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